We are fortunate to be in the very heart of the Rockies, located in what is known as the Montane zone. Zones are defined by elevation above sea level, and by specific vegetation. The Canadian Rockies is comprised of three: the Montane, the Subalpine and the Alpine. The Montane, which is the valley floor, is the most crucial to the wildlife as it is habitat for over 90% of all mammals, yet less than 20% of the mountain parks are Montane zones. So the density of wildlife particularly in the Spring is very impressive along the Bow Valley Parkway and surrounding the Bungalows. We a literally located in a wildlife corridor.   

Grey wolves, Grizzly and Black Bears, Wapiti (Elk), Mule and Whitetail Deer, Moose, Red Foxes, Coyotes, Pine Martens, Great Horned and Grey Owls, Ospreys and much more – all live in these woodlands. The diversity is equally impressive and sensitive to human interaction.

To assist in ensuring their health and survival, do not attempt to feed or approach/harass any wildlife. Either may lead to tragedy for the animal and it is also a federal offence to do so. Please keep in mind we are visitors and guests in their homes and as guests, need to be respectful and very considerate. 

When is the best time to see wildlife?   

Usually early dawn or dusk when there is less human traffic. During the springtime – late May to mid June – is when the snow has left the valley floor, fresh greenery emerges providing a very important food source.

1A Bow Valley Parkway, Banff National Park, AB, T1L 1L9




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