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pet friendly

pet friendly

We’re very happy to host you and your furry family member. Each pet will incur a $25 additional fee. If excessive/unreasonable mess or damage has occurred, an additional $150 will be charged. Pets are not allowed on the furniture or bed (bedding). If possible, please bring dog mats or beds and if you forgot one – we can try to source something appropriate.

All pets must remain on leash on the property while in Banff National Park – at all times. It is a federal law. We are in a wildlife corridor with vast wilderness surrounding us so it would be easy for an excited dog to escape and run off only to be completely disoriented. By keeping the pet on a leash – you ensure the safety of wildlife, your dog and yourself.

A dog may run at a Grizzly or Black Bear which initially may cause the wild animal to bolt; however – like any cornered animal, it may then decide to defend itself, turn on the dog and charge back at it with serious fury. The dog then instinctively bolts back to the owner. This has happened with tragic results and the fault sadly lies directly on the irresponsible owner.

Always carry doggy bags and it is the owner’s responsibility to pick up any of the pets droppings … and carry it out with them and discard in an appropriate garbage bin. DO NOT hide the bag behind a tree or shack… for the love of DOG.

Finally – your dog will love to explore here. The fresh scents of the forest invigorate them and there are open trails on the property and fire roads for morning or evening walks far away from any of the crowded main trails. As the western song goes … ”Happy Tails to you.”

1A Bow Valley Parkway, Banff National Park, AB, T1L 1L9




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